Devil07 | A Circuit Bent 707 Drum Machine


“If you’re looking for a radically different drum machine sound for your productions, Devil07 puts a screamin’ demon drumbox in your DAW for pocket change.” - Recording Magazine

Devil07 is a classic TR-707 drum machine instrument and much, much more! It is a re-programming of the Diabolical Devices modification that augments the TR-707 with limitless sound potential. With close to 600 individual samples, and 21 banks of sounds, Devil07 will take you to places that the original 707 could never come close to.

The TR-707 used for this library was completely upgraded by master circuit bending technician Diabolical Devices. Using a system of patches and switches, each “bent” sound was explored and all of its expressions captured with high resolution a/d conversion. The library includes an enormous collection of “Mechanical”, “Bitpitched”, “Shorted” and “Rusted” sounds all categorized into individual banks.

Devil07 Features

• Over 20 multi-sampled banks
• Close to 600 high quality samples
• Singly integrated Ableton Live Rack can be played as a seamless instrument
• Easy-edit KSP Kontakt interface
• Integrated Logic instruments and channel strips


• Ableton Live 9 and higher or Kontakt 5 or higher or Logic 9 and higher