Quazotron | Cybertronic Iterobuffer

Experience the sounds of cyberpunk nostalgia with Quazotron. Crafted with a 22-algorithm stutter and lofi engine, Quazotron is a versatile machine for generating a wide range of glitchy, repeated phrases, chiptune console sounds, and much more.

With an 8-step modulation sequencer and a downsample foldover control, Quazotron is a deep dive into '80s lofi. An integrated 'chance' function further adds to the creative possibilities, allowing users to explore the eccentricity of classic Max Headroom-style randomness.


Quazotron Controls:

CHANCE — The probability that the audio gets processed through the ALGO.
ALGO — Stutter Algorithms
// 1. Stutter Off
// 2. Full Speed, Stutter Once
// 3. Full Speed, Stutter Twice
// 4. Full Speed, Stutter Three Times
// 5. Full Speed, Stutter Four Times
// 6. Full Speed, Stutter Six Times
// 7. Full Speed, Stutter Eight Times
// 8. Full Speed, Stutter Sixteen Times
// 9. Double Speed, Stutter Once
// 10. Double Speed, Stutter Twice
// 11. Double Speed, Stutter Three Times
// 12. Double Speed, Stutter Four Times
// 13. Double Speed, Stutter Six Times
// 14. Double Speed, Stutter Eight Times
// 15. Double Speed, Stutter Sixteen Times
// 16. Half Speed, Stutter Once
// 17. Half Speed, Stutter Twice
// 18. Half Speed, Stutter Three Times
// 19. Half Speed, Stutter Four Times
// 20. Half Speed, Stutter Six Times
// 21. Half Speed, Stutter Eight Times
// 22. Half Speed, Stutter Sixteen Times

ALGO RANDOMIZE BUTTON — Randomly selects from the 22 Algorithms at different times.
FILTER — a Moog style low pass filter
FOLD — Sample rate foldover that emulates a downsampling effect.
BITS — Bit reduction process
BLEND — Mix between dry and processed signals

/ / / /  Sequencer Section: / / / /
SELF/SYNC — Run the sequencer alongside DAW transport or independently. Useful for generating patterns and ideas while the host sequencer is stopped.
MOD DESTINATION (OFF, PITCH, FILTER LO-FI) — Determines which parameter the sequencer affects.
SPEED (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2) — The speed of the step sequencer relative to the host tempo
SEQUENCER STEPS — Adjusts the modulation amount specified in the MOD DESTINATION. It operates on the destination relative to the destination’s current value. For instance, if the FILTER control is at 50%, that is the maximum value that the step sequencer will modulate. Put the Destination control to 100% for maximum modulation range.

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host