Jump into the classic Ensoniq synths that defined an entire era of electronic music production. Explore the pioneering Transwave technology of the Fizmo, the quintessential electronica library of the ASR-X and the digital wavetables of the ESQ-1.

With over 4GB of sounds and thousands of samples, The Soniq collection presents all of Puremagnetik's Ensoniq based instruments in one convenient package guaranteed to inspire new ideas for your next session.

All packs come in Logic, Kontakt and Ableton Live formats, except for Waveframe which was developed exclusively for Ableton Live.

This Bundle Includes

Esqone | An Ensoniq ESQ-1 at your Fingertips

"There's much fun to be had playing around with Esqone's bright, punchy basses, leads, pads, plucks, pads and keys."- Computer Music Magazine

Refraktor | Vintage Sampling Circa 1984

As one of the earliest affordable sampler/sequencer workstations, the Ensoniq Mirage was a hugely influential piece of gear when it was released in 1984. Now you can own a bit of its history with this sound set.

Waveframe | Transwave Synthesis of the Ensoniq Fizmo

"Waveframe provides an excellent, flexible representation of an esoteric classic.” - Computer Music Magazine

* Waveframe is only available for Ableton Live 9 and higher

Console X | The ASR-X Library Volume 1

Console X brings the legendary sounds of the Ensoniq ASR-X into the modern production studio. The Ensoniq ASR series was years of ahead of its time and included a ROM of programs that still sound amazing today.

Console Y | The ASR-X Library Volume 2

Jump aboard the sequel to Console X, loaded with even more basses, leads, pads and keys from the legendary Ensoniq ASR-X.

Console Z | The ASR-X Library Volume 3

Console Z completes Puremagnetik's ASR-X series with an expertly programmed library of the classic sounds that made the ASR-X a legend.