Dark Future | Boutique Cinematic Toolbox


Last week's sale has ended but you can still get Dark Future for $19 this week.

Puremagnetik has teamed up again with master sound designer and recordist Phil Michalski for Dark Future - a library of cinematic impacts, drops, transitions, whooshes and risers. Dark future includes over 400 impactful, dystopian sounds, perfect for cutting trailers, transition scenes and more. Over 900 source sounds have been used to create a rich sonic palette, tailored for professional sound designers and composers for picture.

About Phil Michalski

Phil Michalski's sound design credits include: Archer, Final Space, The NoSleep Podcast, REM, Congeria, Encodya and more. Working with organic field recordings, Phil manipulates his source material beyond recognition, creating a hybrid palette of sounds unique to his own vision and process. In the last 14 years he has worked on hundreds of projects for TV, radio ads, video games, podcasts, films and animations.

Cine Series Specifications

• 1.7 GB of uncompressed .wav files
• 96khz 24bit resolution.

Dark Future Production Gear

Recorded with: MKH 8040, MKH8060, DPA4060, JrF, Sound Devices MixPre 3 MK2, Sound Devices MixPre 6, Serum, Modular Synthesizers, Reaktor, Vital.

Edited and mastered with: Pro Tools, Live 10 & 11, Fab Filter, Plugin Alliance, Oek Sound, Valhalla.