Cine Series | Cinematic Sound Compendium

Last week's sale has ended but you can still get Cine Series for $19 this week.

Puremagnetik is proud to present a massive collection of cinematic sound effects by renown sound designer and field recordist Phil Michalski. Cine Series contains over 2.5 gigabytes of one-shots and loops developed for composers and audio programmers working with picture and games. From swooshes, to impacts, to drops and transition effects, Cine Series bundles together four of Phil Michalski's best selling libraries into one single compendium. 

Cine Series Includes

Cinenergy: A collection of dark, dirty, analog impacts and whooshes, designed to energize your projects with defining transitions and sonic contours.

CineDrop: Slow-motion impacts, drop effects and subsonic pulses - compiled for modern, ultra cinematic scoring with a dark twist. It was produced with modular synthesizers and outboard effects combined with digital tools. 

Cinescapes I: Seamlessly looping, cinematic, sequential soundscapes. Each soundscape is unique and has been mangled through external outboard processors. Its sequential nature adds a sense of rhythm without it taking over the whole frequency range. All soundscapes loop seamlessly for convenient arranging in your audio host.

Cinescapes II: Second installment of seamlessly looping cinematic, sequential soundscapes.


About Phil Michalski

Phil Michalski's sound design credits include: Archer, Final Space, The NoSleep Podcast, REM, Congeria, Encodya and more. Working with organic field recordings, Phil manipulates his source material beyond recognition, creating a hybrid palette of sounds unique to his own vision and process. In the last 14 years he has worked on hundreds of projects for TV, radio ads, video games, podcasts, films and animations.

Cine Series Specifications
Library size : 2.7 Gigabytes
Format : Raw Uncompressed Audio Files
Number of samples : 228
Resolution : 24-bit, 96k, Stereo
Soundminer metadata compatible

Cine Series Production Gear

Hardware: Sennheiser MKH8060, ATE 208, Sony PCM D100, JrF C Series, Sound Devices MixPre-6, Fangs Metal Distortion, DBX120A, ER Modular

Software: Pro Tools, iZotope, Ableton Live, Reaktor 6, Soundtoys, ReFuse, FabFilter.