• B-System XL Buchla samples for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic
  • B-System XL | The Essential 200e Library

B-System XL | The Essential 200e Library

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B-System XL is the most comprehensive Buchla 200e sound library available today. Bundling together 3 of Puremagnetik’s all time best selling Micropaks, B-System XL captures this modern classic in an elaborately programmed library of Percussives, Basses, Leads and Atmospheres. With 47 finely tailored instrument presets and over 1GB of pristinely sampled recordings, B-System XL injects a $30k Buchla system directly into your music production environment.

B-System XL is compatible with Ableton Live 8 and higher, Kontakt 3.5 and higher, Logic 9 and higher.

“B-System: Percussives includes over 650 24-bit sounds that ably demonstrate the sonic range of a killer Buchla rig.” - Keyboard Magazine

“After playing with this collection with a good buddy of mine, we were both solidly impressed with its usefulness for a wide variety of musical applications. It’s definitely a keeper.“ - Keyboard Magazine

This Bundle Includes

B-System Percussives

Percussives includes over 650 24-bit samples and looped content recorded directly from a Buchla 200e modular synthesizer. 

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B-System Basses & Leads

B-System: Basses & Leads includes a richly programmed library of instruments and looped clips recorded from Richard Lainhart’s Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum system.

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B-System Atmospheres

B-System Atmospheres is a rich collection of synth pads and evolving textural arrays recorded from the Buchla 200e modular synthesizer.

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