A Monomachine for Live.

Heavily influenced by Elektron’s Monomachine, Retroputer comes packed with crunchy digital waveforms, all categorized into 10 individual “Machines”. Over 60 included Live Clips come complete with customized Push-Ready Macro controls. Retroputer also contains over 140 waveforms conveniently sorted into individual rack menus for easy waveform selection and modularity. Users can easily create their own patterns using the included template and Machine library.

Machine Types Include

• SID – Based on the original Commodore 64 SID chip.
• Formant – Voice modeled waveforms and sounds.
• MegaDigi – Characteristic of digital waveforms.
• MegaWave – Emulated analog oscillator waveforms and sounds.
• FM – Modern digital FM type sounds.

Magnetik Step16

Driving the Retroputer sample playback section is the Magnetik Step16 sequencer which allows rhythmic and pitch transposition for up to 16 individual steps. Each sequencing instance utilizes only one MIDI track in Ableton Live but is capable of playing back 4 separate machines simultaneously.


Requires Ableton Live 8 or higher.