Model-T | Funky and Mellow Hohner Pianet


Model-T is a funky, mellow and unique collection of 8 Instrument Racks built on a vintage Hohner Pianet as the tone generator.

The classic Hohner Pianet can be heard in hundreds of hit records from the 1960s and 70s. Somewhere between the jazzy bell tones of the Fender Rhodes and the biting edge of the Wurlitzer 200a, the Pianet is a little brother to both combining smooth tones with a hint of growl.

For the Model-T Ableton Live Pack, Puremagnetik has recorded every note at multiple velocities through a Tube DI circuit and then reconstructed a lifelike virtual replica of the electromechanical wonder. To take things further, there are additional amplifier emulations, room tones and stomp box modulations to discover all new sounds based on the Pianet.

The Ynfyny-T patches are variants on the “infinite piano” theme that Puremagnetik has crafted in many previous instruments. These are created by looping latter portions of the samples to create an electric piano that will sustain and breathe as long as you need it.

Whether you are looking for the vintage tones of this well-known instrument or searching for uncharted sonic tools to design your own new sounds, Puremagnetik’s Model-T has it covered.

Requires Ableton Live 9 or higher or any EXS24 compatible platform (Logic or Kontakt)