Microtron Tape 3 contains expertly recorded Clarinet, French Horn and Glenn Miller tapes from an original Mellotron.

All of the original imperfections, vintage analog quality and performance nuances of the Mellotron M400 have been immaculately captured through a Neumann U47 Microphone and Reeves Custom 50 Amplifier.

Microtron Tape 3 Ableton Live Pack

Microtron is a comprehensive, natively programmed Mellotron sound set for Ableton Live. Microtron Tape 3 builds upon Live’s rack features to create the blending effects between tape sounds as can be achieved with a physical Mellotron. Native Live effects are completely integrated with multisample mode racks so that any Live 8 user can instantly load these sounds.

In addition, Microtron Tape 3 includes over 60 Live Clips performed by professional studio keyboardists. Each clip comes preprogrammed with the multi sound Microtron rack for the most flexibility and editing possibilities.

Microtron Tape 3 for Kontakt and Logic

Microtron Tape 3 for Kontakt comes with a selectable multi sound instrument with custom KSP editing features and Kontakt native effects. The Kontakt download also includes over 60 tempo-synced Apple Loops that can be dropped directly into Kontakt or played in the environment of your choice. (For native Apple SIAL loops be sure to download the Logic version)

Microtron Tape 3 for Logic includes three EXS instruments as channel strips that instantly install into the Logic library and a collection of over 60 SIAL Apple Loops.

Microtron Tape 3 Features

• Complete sound set of 3 classic Mellotron sounds
• Integrates seamlessly with Puremagnetik’s Microton series
• A collection of professionally performed clips
• SIAL Apple Loops for easy editing and tempo syncing
• Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects

Minimum System Requirements

• Ableton Live 9 and higher or Kontakt 5 and higher or Logic X and higher
• 300 MB of physical RAM
• 400 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space