Loaded with over 230 fresh samples and 5 separate Groove Sequencer banks, Microdrum packs an old-school groovebox right into your Ableton Live session.

Percussion Menus and Groovetracks

Each Microdrum bank has been separated into 30 percussion menus for Ableton’s Impulse drum sampler. Microdrum’s Groovetracks contain preprogrammed clips for each Microdrum bank. 

Studio 1 & 2 Kits

Captured from a wide variety of sources, the Studio 1 & 2 kits contain an enormous selection of acoustic drums. Rock kicks, funky snares, sizzling hi-hats… They’re all contained in these two Microdrum banks.

MoxBox Kits

Lots of 909 kicks, 909 snares and 909 percussion. If true analog retro grooves are what you’re after, the MoxBox kits contain all of the 909 sounds you can poke a mouse cursor at! Tweak the decay and stretch parameters for some interesting effects!

Elektrodrum Kits

Blips, beeps and other slick digital sounds from the Puremagnetik Elektrodrum sample set. Reprogrammed for the Microdrum sequencing engine, all 5 Elektrodrum Machines are immediately accessible from this bank.

Percussao Kits

Bongos, Congas, Djembes, Claves and more! The Percussao Kits are categorized into two hand percussion, wood, shakers and bells sections. There is also a special Random macro control for throwing in surprise fills and alternate grooves.

Requires Ableton Live 8 and higher.