Metalsphere is a sound design toolbox of intense soundscapes, suspenseful textures and horrific environments.

Conveniently packaged into 2 multisampled menus of the most nightmarish proportions, Metalsphere contains a huge array of sonic possibilities. With up to four individual distorted and layered sound sources, users can easily tailor their individual textures and signal levels. Sound designers, film composers and producers alike can each find something in this colorful palette of ambiences.

Easy Tweaking

The Ableton Live Pack and Kontakt Instrument versions contain easy sound shaping controls to morph between signal sources. The Kontakt version includes customized KSP menus for immediate access to filters and amplitude envelopes. The Ableton Live version is preprogrammed with Push-Ready effect macros.

Enormous Sound

Each version of Metalsphere includes multilayered menus with sounds that were constructed to go together. Browse for the sound with instant access up and down the keyboard, then alter it with the extensive range of controls.

Huge Tonal Palette

Four completely different sound sources deliver a huge range of possibilities for sound design. Controlling levels across the patches provides for an almost infinite palette of sounds.

Modular Components

Metalsphere for Ableton Live and Logic contains individual “modules” for layering sounds. Each module comes from a completely different sound source and can be layered together or individually. Load up only the needed modules or combine multiple modules for a huge sound.

System Requirements

• Requires Ableton Live 8.2 and higher, Logic 9 and higher, or Kontakt 5 and higher
• 1 Gigabyte (GB) of free hard disk space