MalletPak 2 | A Pristine Vibraphone Instrument


MalletPak 2 is a collection of 13 multisampled vibraphone programs scrupulously recorded using a magnetic pickup and preamp to achieve a pristine tone. It has been prgrammed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments.

MalletPak Two crosses the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds with heavily processed patches that modulate between bowing articulations and more conventional multi-mallet strikes.

Four different mallet types were used with multiple hits for round-robin triggering with several velocity layers each. A bowed recording for each vibe creates an ethereal patch with infinite sustain while a hybrid patch combining mallet strikes with the bowed samples allows you to mix between articulations.

MalletPak Two include a massive “All-Mallet” program that includes all 4 mallet types for easy switching. Additionally, there are several electrified patches using the vibraphone as a sound source to create fantastic new instruments. 

MalletPak was produced in collaboration with artist Richard Lainhart.

MalletPak Two Features:

• 13 multi-sampled instruments with expressive velocity programming
• Over 600 high quality samples
• Advanced Ableton Live Racks with customized Macro Controls
• Custom KSP Kontakt interface and easy-edit controls
• Logic / EXS channel strips with integrated instrument browsing

System Requirements

• Requires Ableton Live 9 and higher, Logic 9 and higher, or Kontakt 5 and higher
• 588 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space