B-System Atmospheres is a rich collection of synth pads and evolving textural arrays recorded from an original Buchla 200e modular synthesizer.

B-System Atmospheres Ableton Live Pack contains a collection of 17 advanced Instrument Racks including 14 multi-sampled synth pads. The Live Pack version also includes 3 textural arrays of expressive evolving atmospheres. All instruments have been expertly crafted by Puremagnetik sound designers to integrate seamlessly into Live.

The Kontakt Instrument and Logic versions of B-System Atmospheres come with 17 multi-sampled instruments that easily integrate into your chosen host. For Kontakt users, each instrument has been uniquely programmed with a custom KSP GUI for instant tweakability. Logic instruments have been natively constructed from scratch to ensure maximum playability and expressiveness on each platform.

B-System Basses and Leads Features:

• Over 150 long evolving 24-bit Buchla 200e samples
• 17 expertly programmed instruments with integrated Macros and effects
• 3 textural arrays of 200e modulations and polyphonic voicings
• Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects

Download Size: 489 MB

For Ableton Live 9 and up, Kontakt 5 and up, Logic 8 and up