Artifact | Digital Machine Malfunctions


Artifact is a library of sound palettes created from digital anomalies and malfunctions. It includes 6 kits and a collection of looped clips in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument & Logic formats.

Artifact comes packed with things you would normally want to avoid in the studio: digital aliasing, clock glitches, control ‘voltage’ waveshaping, sysex errors and mis-quantized samples.

The experts at Puremagnetik have contained these anomalies in a controlled environment and musically reprogrammed them for your production adventures.

Everything is organized into 6 playable kits complete with macro controls for Ableton Live. In addition, Artifact comes packed with a generous collection of looped MIDI clips.

Artifact Features

• 6 kits packed with digital malfunctions
• Multi-sampled library with advanced DAW integration
• A collection of expertly programmed clips 
• High quality 24 bit 96khz audio samples
• Custom Ableton Racks, Kontakt KSP GUI and Logic Channel Strips

For Ableton Live 9 and up, Kontakt 5 and up, Logic 8 and up