RackPak 3 | Warped Effects and Beat Parsers


Advanced Audio Effects for Ableton Live

RackPak 3 contains over 40 advanced audio effects processors engineered for instant sound sculpting. RackPak 3 comes packed with time based effects, chaotic beat processors, overdriven channel strips, modulators, filters and more!

Beat Processors

Let racks like “Phokus Drum Comp” generate new rhythmic ideas for you. “Vokoshay Kit” will crush your precious drum samples beyond recognition. “Lophy-Bitburger” will band smack only certain ranges of your beats - but be sure to keep it well contained.

LoFi Distortion

“Retract and Masticate” is as good as any overdriven delay with real-time verb pitch shifting. “The Organ Chord Werbler” will doubiously derange whatever you feed it and “U Heart Electric Guitar” will modulate your senses dry in beds of overdriven feedbacked flange fantasies.

Modulators & Filters

“Junkyard Android” allows you to “Add Oil” and “Adjust Spring” through the type of distorted formant filtering that should be outlawed in some countries. For the more adventurous producers, “Sequencer with 1000 Eyes” is just as scary as it sounds!

Noise Boxes

The noise boxes category is unique to Rackpak 3 in that it contains 9 white noise instruments that can easily be replaced with your own instruments or soft synths. Use them as is, or as a template for texture generation, feedback processors and more.

For Ableton Live 8 and up