Two Free Plugins for Experimental Odysseys

Two Free Plugins for Experimental Odysseys

If you're at all familiar with Puremagnetik, you'll already know that we delight in developing products that are experimental, lo-fi and novel. Naturally, we enjoy imparting a taste of the avant-garde upon our audience. 

To celebrate the launch of the new Puremagnetik music label, we are proud to bring you two free plugins that pay homage to ambient, microsound and granular traditions.

Expanse - Texture Generator

Inspired by Larum's Into a Bright Land (out now on Puremagnetik Tapes), Expanse is a noise and drone generator that can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered. It is a simple yet versatile tool that can produce sweeping backdrops, resonating low drones and many other textural canvases. 

Download Expanse

Driftmaker - Delay Disintegration Device

Driftmaker is a delay disintegration device that parses incoming audio, recalls certain parts and adds analog deterioration to the signal. It was designed to encapsulate the character of's Works for Tape and Piano (out now on Puremagnetik Tapes).

All presets were developed by

Download Driftmaker