Puremagnetik's Micah Frank on Art, Music & Technology

Puremagnetik's Micah Frank field recording in Costa Rica


Darwin Grosse (Cycling74) has just published a lengthy interview with Puremagnetik's Founder and Lead Developer Micah Frank


Micah Frank has been doing it for more than a decade. And by "it", I mean pulling amazing sounds out of the air, formatting them to be playable, and releasing them through his company Puremagnetik. I've long been a fan, and finally was able to corner Micah for a podcast chat.


In this one, we talk about everything from his background as a New York session drummer through the development of his favorite sample packs, and also talk about the tools of the trade that he finds useful. We also talk a little about the business of sample pack creation and even a little about collaboration with other artists. But mostly we talk about how one becomes a sample pack developer, and the joy that comes with embracing that gig.


I really respect Micah's work; if you haven't heard it, check it out at the Puremagnetik site, try out some of the free packs, or maybe pick up a little gift for yourself (I'd recommend the "b-systems" packs made in collaboration with Richard Lainhart, or the new Cinematic stuff we talk about in the podcast...), but enjoy our discussion!