Prototypes - Free, Open Source Audio Plugin Sketches

Prototypes - Free, Open Source Audio Plugin Sketches

by Micah Frank (Owner, Lead Dev @ Puremagnetik)

Over the past several years, in tandem with my work for Puremagnetik and my personal projects, I have amassed a small arsenal of code bits that process audio, generate audio and do all sorts of questionable sound-related things.

From these tools I have created both C0mputo sound libraries for Puremagnetik, Grainstation-C, Beatfox, Kickblast, most of the Puremagnetik plugin library and much of my live coding work.

With all of these remnants of ideas-turned-code (prototypes and proofs of concept) laying around, I thought it might be interesting to chronicle my sound programming endeavors in the form of something usable rather than simply readable

So come join me on the adventure and get some free devices along the way. Please keep in mind that everything is a Prototype - a proof of concept that functions pretty much as it should. Most of these are Puremagnetik plugins in their early stages so, although they are free, they are limited in controls, I do not provide support and there might be a few quirks here and there (although I make sure it's pretty usable before building).

I will be consolidating everything on my Instagram feed. You can follow it there or go straight to the Github repository.

Peter Kirn from CDM has recently published a piece about Prototypes as well: