Micah Frank

Micah Frank

Micah Frank is an electronic multimedia artist that uses algorithmic, generative and stochastic methods to build sound sculptures. Much of his work incorporates field recordings, hand-built software and real-time synthesis techniques. For the past 20 years he has performed internationally and currently programs sound pieces that combine synthesis techniques with visual projections. He is a 2019 NYFA Artist Fellow in music and sound and he won a 2011 NYSCA grant for his data sonification project "Junction".

He is the owner and creative director of the acclaimed Puremagnetik label — a company that has published music technology and artist releases since 2006.

Micah was educated at Mannes / The New School with a focus on Jazz. Throughout the early 2000s he became more involved in production as a sound designer, composer and engineer for music houses in New York City. During this time he freelanced as a sound designer for Ableton and Native Instruments, building libraries for Operator, Sampler, FM8, KORE, Massive and more. From 2013 - 2015 he worked at Ableton in Berlin as head of sound content.

Micah’s instruments and compositions have appeared in numerous publications including Remix, XLR8R, PBS, Computer Music, Recording Magazine, Keys and many more. He currently publishes his work on the Puremagnetik and Foil imprints.

Much of his code (in Csound) is openly hosted on Github.