Lore Subscription FAQ

Thanks for your interest in a Lore subscription! Yes, it's a bit confusing perhaps so please give us this opportunity to try and explain.

Why a Subscription?
Since Puremagnetik's inception in 2006, this small boutique operation has functioned on a subscription model. The subscription pays our rent, development and a few freelancers that help bring Puremagnetik products together. Without this guaranteed monthly base, we would struggle. We're humbled by all the support subscribers have given us over the years.

What is Lore and the Lore subscription?
Lore is an advanced sound design workstation undergoing constant development. If you support Lore for the monthly amount $9/mo, you support its development and you support Puremagnetik. Each month you will get either a Lore update (with cool new features) or a new standalone device. Every device in the catalog was a subscription offering at one point. 

What can I expect if I sign up?
When you sign up for Lore you will immediately gain access to this month's offering — perhaps its a new standalone device or it's Lore. You might get a few months of Lore updates and then a standalone device, or vice-versa. After one month, standalone devices get back-catalogued and customers can buy it for $20 without a subscription.

Can I buy Lore without a subscription?
Yes, you can buy Lore for a one time price but you do not get any further updates as you do with the subscription.

Can I just subscribe, download Lore and then cancel my subscription?
Sure, that will work. We won't complain but it also doesn't help us very much ;)

How can I cancel my Lore subscription?
You can cancel it at any time. If you signed up via PayPal you can do it from within PayPal. If you used Patreon, you can cancel from within your Patreon account.