Intersections IV - A Spotify Playlist Curated by Tom Hall

Intersections IV - A Spotify Playlist Curated by Tom Hall

Audio/visual/algorithmic artist Tom Hall (Cycling '74) has compiled an eclectic, brain-tickling Spotify playlist for Puremagnetik. From glitch to black metal and ambient, come get a headful of sounds with Intersections IV.

Tom's latest album, Bestowed Order on Chaos (Errorgrid, 2020) is now available on his Bandcamp page:

The playlist is pretty eclectic, but honestly that’s me in a nutshell, my musical tastes and influences vary greatly. This is a selection of tracks taken from a much larger playlist that I was playing at home and in the car, prior to and while I was working on Bestowed Order On Chaos.

Silence is defining, and music/sound is food for the soul and this year more than ever before that nourishment has been key for getting through the days and staying positive. I hope that others enjoy this playlist, feel inspired and most of all alive.


Tom Hall is an Australian audio/visual artist, residing in Los Angeles.

Hall’s practice is an ongoing exploration into peripheral space and time, inspired by environments and non-linearity found in the everyday. Hall uses multiple approaches to reference these spaces through algorithms, sound, and imagery, developing hybrid audio-visual environments and temporal sonic adaptations.

Creative outcomes are diverse ranging from analog and digital synthesis, to algorithmic computer programming, and reactionary visuals manifesting in recordings, installations, and audio-visual performances.

Hall has released several recordings over the past two decades on labels such as Elli, Overlap, Arlen, and Presto!? along with exhibitions and live audio-visual tours worldwide.

Hall also works as a Senior Content Developer for the revered Cycling ’74, creators of the visual programming language Max/MSP & Jitter.

Follow along with Tom's work at: