• Lo-fi Ambient Tools

Lo-fi Ambient Tools

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This bundle of plugins brings together Puremagnetik's highly acclaimed tools for producing time worn tape sounds and glacial ambient effects. Lo-fi Ambient Tools includes Verv, Pastfabric and Fathoms.

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Verv is a synthesizer inspired by string machines, tape loops, Mellotrons and other time-worn analog recordings. Modeled after the 1970s Freeman String Symphonizer and ARP Solina, Verv has a dual-oscillator and carefully constructed ensemble modulation reminiscent of the classics.

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Pastfabric is a micro-splicing machine that operates in real time with whatever you put into its buffer. It was inspired by granular microsound and experimental tape splicing practices. Pastfabric takes cues from both the analog and digital realms to imbue your audio with everything from nostalgic glitch to shimmering ambiences. 

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Fathoms is an ambient processor that can turn anything into a glacial soundscape, harmonic drone or endless pitch-shifted atmosphere. It spectrally processes incoming audio and routes it through a resonating, physically modeled space.

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