Weekend Guide to Free Puremagnetik Plugins & Sounds

Ultimate Guide to Free Sounds
Free Ableton Live Packs

Free Ableton Live Packs

Our free Ableton Live Packs page includes many gigabytes of some of the best things Puremagnetik has ever created.

The Foundation represents 8 Packs built from each Puremagnetik sound category.

Melange comes with 70 instruments (over 1 GB) of handpicked electronic sounds from the Puremagnetik catalog. Kickbank is a mega rack of electronic bass drums.

And there's much more - drum libraries, tape collage loops and many of other free sound packs.


Free Plugins

Free (and Inexpensive) Plugins

Puremagnetik's Free Plugins section offers a number of free and $1 devices.

Expanse Texture Generator and Driftmaker Delay Disintegration Device are completely free.

Other plugins like Canvas, Weave and Kristall come with pledges of $1 or more to Puremagnetik recording artists. So you get an inexpensive plugin while also supporting Puremagnetik's hard-working artist roster.


Infinite Spaces

Free Ambient Sound Pack

Infinite Spaces - An Odyssey in Space and Sound - For Free!

Micah Frank's upcoming Noontide on Puremagnetik Tapes explores dark ambiences and intricately designed sonic tapestries. Pre-save Noontide on Spotify and download Infinite Spaces for free. It contains 600MB of sounds and comes in Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and raw .wav file formats.


Micah Frank Prototypes

Prototypes | Free, Open Source Plugins

From algorithmic beat machines to delay samplers and granular processing workstations - in a new series Micah Frank chronicles his concepts in small, free, open source devices. Follow the #mfprototypes tag on IG to get all kinds of unique audio processing toys.

"Micah Frank is one of the most prolific sound designer-inventor-composer types around. Lately, he’s been turning some of these larger, more experimental projects into free tools that you can both use in your own music – and learn from and expand." – Create Digital Music