2020 Device Roundup

Throughout the past year Puremagnetik has released over 11 synthesizers, glitch machines, granular devices, spatial effects and more. While we are always looking forward to releasing new and exciting sound tools, we also know it can be a little overwhelming navigating so many options. For year's end we have distilled our 2020 releases into our top 5 favorites.




If there's one Puremagnetik device we think you should have it's Partikl. Partikl is a powerful granular delay and temporal shifting device that can process your audio into unexpected musical forms.

At its heart  is a granular processor that can chop, pitch shift, time stretch and reorganize incoming audio. A set of LFO and RANDOM functions allow you animate the granular engine while a variable delay line adds space and subtle nuances to the effect. 





John Carpenter fans rejoice! Nighthawk is a 1980's inspired pad synth capable of generating complex, evolving sounds similar to those of the Yamaha CS-80 and Oberheim Xpander. Each Nighthawk voice is fed through a supersaw matrix of 7 oscillators that can be detuned and phase shifted against each other. The resulting synthesized sonic wall of lasers can be pulse-width morphed and modulated into fantastic tapestries of dystopian '80s cinema.





If we had to pick one favorite plugin of the year, Swarm would be it. If you know Puremagnetik then you also know how excited we get about experimental and musique concrète traditions - that's why we made Swarm! 

Swarm is a sound design effect inspired by "swarm intelligence" and "particle masses" such as those employed by composer Iannis Xenakis. It clones a segment of a sample and puts those members into a "flock" that disperses in unified - sometimes stochastic - coordination.

Swarm excels in creating dense pizzicato clouds or spacey, randomized ambiences. It is a very unconventional effect with unpredictable and oftentimes wonderous results. With some experimenting, sound designers should become acquainted with the character of Swarm and how it can best be utilized in their productions.



A spectral powerhouse for sound designers, ambient producers and more - Cloudmaster is a multifunction space processor, capable of everything from algorithmic reverb to glacial ambient washes that stretch to infinity. It is a segment looper, a spectral blurring tool, a waveshaper, a pitch shifter and much more. For sonic artists Cloudmaster is a self-contained toolbox designed to help you excel in your craft. 


Parsec is the perfect tool for creating ear-tingling mixes, surround effects and 3D audio. It essentially modulates small phase offsets between the right and left channels - but it is also a binaural encoder! Use it as an effect with studio speakers or in binaural mode for precise trajectory encoding with headphones. Experimental sound designers, foley mixers and game composers can use binaural mode to craft their content for deployment in head-spinning 3D space.