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Aleph I | The Alpha Juno Library Part 1

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This month's Pack is Aleph I.


Puremagnetik presents one of synthesizer history's hidden gems with Aleph I. While many vintage analog synthesizers have gained popularity (and inflated prices) over the past 10 years, the Alpha Juno remains a dark horse of Roland's synthesizer legacy. Now you can tap into the Alpha Juno's signature 1980s strings, pianos, pads, basses and leads. 

Puremagnetik's sound design team has scrupulously emulated the original "Factory A" presets - with their filter settings - and programmed it as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instrument. This first volume includes over 30 multi-sampled instruments from a diverse swath of timbres, all ready to dial up and begin jamming with!

Aleph I Ableton Live Pack includes a library of over 30 individual patches with Push-ready Macro programmings, and easily editable rack effects.

Aleph I for Kontakt includes a customized interface for simple and expressive patch tweaking. Instantly dial up modulations or time based effects from within the Kontakt GUI.

Aleph I for Logic includes a collection of Patches programmed with Smart Controls for easy editing and sound manipulation.

Minimum Requirements
• 700 MB Free Disk Space
• Puremagnetik Spark or Century Account
• Ableton Live 9.7, Kontakt 5, Logic X