Building Pegasus - A Csound loop generator

Building Pegasus - A Csound loop generator

We've spent the past several weeks developing a generative Csound program, that we call “Pegasus”. The original idea was that one can just set a few initial parameters, compile the program and Csound spits outthousands of musical loops into a folder with a “musical” success rate of at least 95%. 

Well, I’m happy to say that I believe it’s working. In fact the musical success rate is more like 99%. The only reason there is a 1% non-musicality is because some clips decide not to play anything as a result of its density decision. 

Puremagnetik has just released the first library of loops entitled Comput0. I love the sounds that have been generated. They remind me of Autechre circa ‘99 but also include many more modern types of sounds.

To sum up how Pegasus works (and it’s a constant work in progress) - it basically chooses from multiple dependent arrays of characteristics. It will ring modulate some signals if a particular wavetable is chosen. It will adjust a filter envelope range depending on the note chosen. It will decide to arpeggiate multiple octaves or constrain to a single octave depending on some random factors.

Next, we plan to add more synthesis types to the program - formant, granular and scanned synthesis - something unique to Csound.

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