Into the Wild : Introducing Acoustic Ecologies

Into the Wild : Introducing Acoustic Ecologies

by Micah Frank (Puremagnetik Owner and Creative Director)

As I've been running Puremagnetik's product line for over 10 years, it has been most gratifying seeing the vast scope of content come to fruition. We have worked on everything from vintage synthesizer sampling to algorithmic sound design, experimental sound art, iPad apps and diy electronics. Thanks to our daring and open-minded customer base we have been able to continually take risks realizing products that cannot be found in the average sound "warehouse". As I write, once again, we veer into new territory.

Inspired by soundscape ecologists such as Bernie Krause and R. Murray Schafer I have spent countless hours over the past 3 years recording ecosystems. This project has taken me from Costa Rica to Iceland, throughout the American west, Germany and Israel. Oftentimes I would set up multichannel installations to capture a "snapshot" of an entire ecosystem. These installations have involved hydrophones in conjunction with binaural, M/S and contact microphones. Never knowing exactly what I would use the recordings for, I persisted with the project, confident that the answer would reveal itself in time. Finally, I think we have some positive momentum behind all of those nights in a tent and camper van! 

Introducing Acoustic Ecologies

Acoustic Ecologies will be a line extension (perhaps separate from the Puremagnetik catalog). Unlike normal Puremagnetik products, I plan to utilize many of Kontakt's AET features to combine these recordings into other types of timbres and voices. The instruments will allow you to morph between the ecology recordings and synthesized parameters.

We begin work on Acoustic Ecologies this month! Please stay tuned for more details and updates.

These are some of the raw recordings I have made over the past few years.

Bag Check - El Capitan Canyon, California

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